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In this highly competitive industry, there are companies who deign it necessary to maximize their profit at all costs, skimping on services and luxuries which in the end, will inevitably limit your ability to maximize your enjoyment of your big event. Sacramento Limo Service is not cut of this mould. We never skimp on anything that could deter your enjoyment of our service or our vehicles. In fact, we strive to bring affordable limo service to Sacramento in any way we can! We often lower our prices to facilitate great deals for our clientele, whenever the market gives us the opportunity to do so.

How We Save You As Much Money As We Can

What does this "whenever the market gives us the opportunity to do so" mean exactly? Well, there are many factors which affect the cost of our services. Things like vehicle parts costs, fuel costs, and even the high demand periods all affect our costs. For example, our highest demand time periods force us to increase our staffing, and increase the likelyhood of increased materials costs. For this reason, our prices tend to go up when we're at our busiest, and this is why we recommend avoiding our peak times if you're shopping in a more cost conscious fashion.

Regardless of the time period of when you'd like to book, however, we always do our best to give you the lowest price possible, with absolutely no hidden or surprise charges. Sacramento Limo Service strives to be honest and up front in all cases, and this is a big factor behind the outstanding reputation we've built up throughout the years.

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Helpful Information At Sacramento Limo Service

  • What the date of your event will be
  • What time you'll be requiring pick-up
  • What location you will be picked up at
  • How many hours of service you will require
  • How many passengers you will need to accommodate
  • Planning your date during off peak seasons
    (avoiding wedding and prom seasons)
  • Planning your event for low demand days
    (avoiding Friday and Saturday)
  • Booking well in advance
  • Getting everyone in your group to chip in
    (When appropriate for the event)
To bring you the very best prices, at all times! If you would like an accurate to the dollar quotation... simply Contact Us at any time of the day or night! Our friendly and knowledgeable team of booking agents are always happy to provide a free quote.